3 Reasons You May Not Be Building Muscle

3 Reasons You May Not Be Building Muscle

IMG_2356Are you one of those people that has been investing long hours in the gym for what seems like very little return on your investment? Well, you are not alone. Most people have a hard time understanding the concept of building muscle and therefore struggle to build muscle. They follow the more is better mentality and do set after set of endless exercises to mimic what their fitness idols in the magazines are doing.  What they fail to realize is that their fitness idol in the magazine may not necessarily be doing the workout that was printed, or that their fitness idol may be using substances that increase their muscle recovery ability.  If you are one of those people that are frustrated with the subpar results you have been getting from your workouts, read on to find out if you’ve been making one of these mistakes.

  • Training too Many Days in A Row.

Fail to see the gains when you over-train! We are a society with a “more is better” attitude. More time, more money, more luxury, more, more, more! However, when aiming to build MORE muscle, one of the reasons athletes fail to build the physique they desire is too much time in the gym! When scheduling my personal training clients, I often hear, “I want to work out 4 or 5 times a week.” It is then I begin to explain that every time we train, we are breaking down muscle fibers, which then need time to recover, rebuild, and grow. Training too many days in a row does not give the body time to repair the micro trauma that occurs within muscles during training. This is not only applicable to our muscles, but our central nervous system as well. The body must restore hormonal and neurotransmitter-balance, reboot the immune system, and clear free radicals from the body. Implement those rest days into your schedule!

  • Extended Workouts!

The duration of your workouts should last no longer than 60-75 minutes. When I question my personal training clients about the duration of their workouts, I frequently hear, “I spend an 1.5 hours to 2 hours in the gym.” More is less in this case. There is scientific evidence that after 60 to 75 minutes of intense weight training, testosterone levels begin to diminish and cortisol levels begin to rise dramatically. Thus impeding the body from reaching a growth inducing state once the workout has ended. Furthermore, there is no reason any workout should surpass 75 minutes. If you are about building that muscle, get in the gym, do what you have to, and get out.

  • Fail To Follow A Well Balanced Nutrition Plan!

Building muscle is more than just lifting and time spent in the gym. 50% of success depends on the nutrition aspect of your plan. With a well-balanced meal plan that incorporates protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and fiber, you can expect to make serious gains and build lean muscle mass. The more serious your gains will be with dedication and discipline to a balanced nutrition plan. In fact, if you research literature on weightlifting, you’d quickly learn that both nutrition and proper training is imperative in reaching those fitness goals.

Spending too much time in the gym, not giving your muscles enough time to recover between workouts, and improper nutrition are three of the main reasons you may have reached a sticking point in your quest to build more muscle. However, due to our diverse fitness goals, an individualized plan that is created specifically for you and your body will ensure maximum results. For more information on obtaining an individualized plan to help you get maximum results, lose weight, build strength, or if you’re frustrated with your current level of fitness and looking to hire a personal trainer, contact us.

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