Has Your Weight Loss Come to a Halt?

Has Your Weight Loss Come to a Halt?

Whether you are aiming to loose that extra layer of fat for a fitness competition, an upcoming vacation, a special event, or swim suit season, the approach you take can have a negative impact on your metabolism. You start with aggressive cuts to caloric intake consuming only half of what you are used to eating. You add an hour of cardio per day to your already exhausting exercise program. Great job, you have lost several pounds over the first few weeks until it all comes to a halt!! No more of that extra layer of fat seems to be shedding, the scale is not budging and pure frustration has now set in. Desperation comes in to play. Therefore, you proceed by cutting carbs and even tapering down the healthy fats from your diet. Maybe even a little extra cardio to boot. Very little changes if any are happening with your weight and overall body composition. The body has stopped responding to your efforts altogether.  What the heck happened?

I’ll tell you what happened!!! The body said “enough” that’s what happened. You created a metabolic meltdown by causing a drastic slowing of your metabolism through excessive caloric restriction, excessive amounts of cardio and unnecessary stress on the body. The body is a surviving machine and adapts to what we do to it. A cascade of events unfolds when the body senses fat loss and struggles to stay balanced (homeostasis). The body is simply fighting for survival and will do what it takes to make that happen. You make a change and the body will respond with an adjustment. The bottom line, the end result to this catastrophe is loss of muscle and holding of whatever fat is left to cling to. The metabolism will shut down altogether. What now??? Can this be fixed?

Why of course it can, and it can be a quick easy fix if you come and seek the expertise of a professional like us here at Training Innovations!! Working with us, you will develop an understanding of how the body works and how to implement safe fat loss strategies before the damage is done. I find that when many of my personal training clients first come to me, they are unaware of how the metabolism works and how every body is different, which requires a different approach. Together we will reduce the risk of muscle loss and allow your body to adjust slowly to applied changes. We will begin by making changes to your caloric intake, keeping carbs in your diet and not overdoing cardio sessions. For more information on an individualized plan that will fit your body type and help you reach those personal fitness goals, or if you’re frustrated with your current level of fitness and thinking about hiring a personal trainer, contact us.



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