2016 Hawaii Trip

The corporate office recently flew me out to Hawaii to stay at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa for a little R & R.  I enjoyed eating new foods, visiting new places, and meeting some really nice people.  And of course, what would Hawaii be without experiencing a couple of Luau’s!  Click here for more pictures.










Japengo was an amazing restaurant in the hotel.

 The view from inside the hotel lobby was amazing.

Waterfalls and Palms Trees everywhere.


Had to hit the fitness center before eating breakfast.

Shor was a very nice restaurant that served breakfast at the hotel.

The first time I had seen these delicious fruits called Rambutans.

You had to cut them open and eat the center portion.

There was a Koi fishpond right next to the restaurant.

The fish were very friendly.

The Koi would eat right out of your hand.

This was another really good restaurant we ate at right next to the hotel.

Look who I ran into.


This was a typical breakfast for me.

Another delicious fruit I had never seen prior to my trip called Longans.

Trying the Longans.

Let’s see.


These are good


Had to feed the fish after breakfast again.

Mongolian beef for dinner at the famous Seafood Palace.

The street scene.

The bus to the first Luau

The northern part of the island was beautiful

Beautiful greenery everywhere you looked.

I had to have a Mai Tai

Amazign crystal clear waters.

The scenery was amazing.

The 1st Luau started with a dance.

Then the pig was carried over to be carved.

Pork chicken rolls rice salad and of course some chocolate and vanilla cake.

There was entertainment after the meal.

More entertainment.

I met some new friends.

Posing with a couple of the entertainers.

I had a blast Time to get some sleep and get ready for Luau #2.

Captured a picture of the view of the countryside on the bus ride to the 2nd Luau.

Another picture of the view of the northern part of the island.

The 2nd Luau was at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

The scenery was even nicer than at the 1st Luau.

There were huge waterfalls and greenery everywhere you looked.

Before the Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center there an educational tour with villages and exhibits representing the island cultures of Hawaii Fiji Samoa Tahiti and Tonga.

One of the entertainers wearing a dress from Tonga and displaying different baskets and rugs from there.

 Our tour guide David took us to each individual village and helped us experience the different cultures of the islands.

At the end of the tour each individual village did their native dance on a float.

The float representing the village of Samoa.

 Then we enjoyed some food and entertainment.

 This young fire dancer was surprisingly skilled for his age.


They even pulled me up onto the stage to do some hula dancing. Stay tuned for video footage.

Aloha and Mahalo my friends.

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