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Do you want to lose weight and gain muscle? Would you like to increase your strength and endurance? No matter what your fitness goals are, a personal trainer can help you achieve them! But not just any personal trainer will do.  You must use a personal trainer from Training Innovations!  Sign up with a top personal fitness trainer in Albuquerque today!

Personalized Fitness Training Program

Every person is different, so what it takes to shape that persons body will be different. Our private personal fitness trainers will develop a personalized fitness training program for you.  One that helps you achieve your unique goals safely, effectively, and quickly.

Every personalized training program includes a combination of:

Our personal trainers show you how to properly use our fitness equipment.   We also show you exercises you can do on your own to keep working toward your goals between our one-on-one sessions. Nutritional guidance is also provided by our founder Korbie Nitiforo, a certified specialist in fitness nutrition.

A personal fitness trainer albuquerque will continually monitor your progress and adjust your training program to challenge you to reach new heights.

Fitness Is A Lifestyle

It takes more than exercising during one-on-one sessions with our personal trainers to get and stay fit. True and lasting fitness takes dedication and a healthy lifestyle. This is a foundational tenet of our personal training philosophy. It’s why nutrition management, meal planning and motivation are core components of your fitness program.

If you are ready to start on your personal fitness journey, contact us. A personal fitness trainer in Albuquerque will give you the tools you need to reach your goals.  Both short and long term in order to develop the mindset and habits for lifelong fitness.

Call (505) 261-1253 to schedule a free personal fitness consultation with our certified personal trainers.

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