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The certified personal trainers at Training Innovations bring decades of combined experience to the table. While some gyms cater only to beginners, we are happy to work with people of all skill levels.  This includes athletes looking to improve their performance or attain the next level. If you’re interested in improving your endurance, strength, form or physique, count on our athletic personal trainers to guide you to the path of your fitness goals.  Whether we have you using the battling ropes or the power sled, athletic personal training is definitely one of our specialties.

Understanding Your Needs

Training for athletes requires special knowledge and care.  And a good athletic personal trainer knows how to improve performance while guarding against injury. Athletes put their bodies through rigorous paces, and a good training program will prepare the body for the challenge.

Our fitness-based personal training looks at the athlete as a whole as a way to boost overall performance and balance physical development. For example: A runner may have well-defined leg muscles, but what about her core? Strengthening different muscle groups will help to prevent injury and improve both athletic performance.  This will help overall well-being, and it’s at the heart of our fitness personal training program.

To strength train with the best personal trainers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact Training Innovations online or call (505) 261-1253 today.

Sports-Specific Training

In addition to general athletic training, our trainers provide sports-specific training for basketball players, golfers, MMA fighters and more. Whether we’re working with you to boost endurance or creating a program for strength training, our personal trainers will help you reach a new level of fitness and performance.

Contact us today to learn more about athletic personal training. Come to one of our private training facilities or to schedule one-on-one personal training with a member of our team!

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