Healthy Weight Gain in Albuquerque

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Although people often associate gyms with weight loss, the truth is that we at Training Innovations pay just as much attention to healthy weight gain. From bodybuilding weight training to helping people change their body compositions for greater health, we have the techniques and knowledge to support a healthy weight gain program.

Who Needs a Weight Gain Program?

Your body’s mass is made up primarily of fat and muscle tissue. If you’re looking to change the composition of your body – in other words, have more muscle and less fat – you will need to make changes to your eating and activity habits.

Fat cannot be converted into muscle. Instead, you’ll need to build more muscle and burn away the excess fat. And that cannot be done without a carefully planned and monitored weight gain program.


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Importance of Healthy Weight Gain

You can’t build muscle with a calorie deficit. Your body needs the extra calories to fuel the creation of new muscle tissue, so the first step to bodybuilding weight training is often an increase in calories. However, simply eating more is not enough; you need to eat more of the right foods to promote muscle growth and health.

That’s where the expertise of certified nutritionist Korbie Nitiforo comes in. Part of our weight gain program is paying attention to your day-to-day habits, especially meal composition and frequency. This is the key to building muscle and sculpting your physique.

Bodybuilding Weight Training and More

Our personal trainers work with clients of all fitness levels, and we provide personalized training that will help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our programs, from sports-specific athletic training to weight loss and more!

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