Sports-Specific Training for Albuquerque’s Athletes

Are you a college athlete looking to improve your performance before the next season? A high school football player hoping to catch a recruiter’s eye? A marathon runner who wants to boost her performance before the next race? Training Innovations of Albuquerque provides fitness and sports training to athletes of all levels and backgrounds – and we understand your unique needs as an athlete.

Other gyms offer generic training regimens, often with beginners in mind. While we also help beginners on their path to fitness, we know that athletes have very specific needs, and it can be hard to find a gym with the experience and knowledge to help you boost your performance.

Strength Training for Sports

One thing that we offer in our fitness sports training is targeted weightlifting and strength training. Quite often, athletes end up building certain muscle groups extensively while ignoring or under-developing other areas. This puts you at risk of injury and can also impede performance. We’ll work to build up these under-developed muscle groups, bringing balance to your physique and boosting overall fitness.

For sports strength training in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact Training Innovations at (505) 261-1253 to schedule your free consultation.

Two Sports Training Centers

We offer two training facilities in Albuquerque, including one on the West side and one on the Northeast side for convenient access. Our training facilities are private, allowing you and the trainer to work one-on-one and with plenty of privacy, space and equipment.

Our fitness sports training, like all of our programs, is personalized to your needs. We’ll begin with a free initial consultation where you can meet with a trainer and discuss your goals. Together, we’ll develop a plan that will take you to the next level.

If you’re curious about the benefits offered by our sports training center, contact us today.


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