2017 Barbados Trip

The corporate office recently flew me out to Barbados to stay at the Hilton Barbados Resort, Bridgetown for a little R & R. There was nonstop entertainment from the minute I got off the plane. Starting with the cab driver named Basil(pronounced Baazil) who insisted that the steering wheel on the right side and driving down the left side of the road was the correct way(we have it backwards in the US. LOL!); to the mischievous green monkeys at the Wildlife Reserve who took one of the travelers passports and ran up a tree with it(it took them about an hour to coax the little guy down with some food).  I enjoyed some delicious food and met some really nice people.  If you’re ever in Barbados, make sure to check out the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Harrison’s Cave, and Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station.  And make sure to use Andrew Maynard of Ambitious Tours & Taxi Services for all your transportation needs.  Andrew was a great tour guide and very reasonably priced! Click here for more pictures.







The resort had huge palm trees and beautiful poolsAnother view of the ocean from the 6th floor

There was some entertainment at Oistin’s Fish Fry Friday evening.

The view at night was amazing as well.

We visited Harrison’s Cave on Saturday

Beautiful underground rock formations

Underground waterfalls as well

More pics of Harrison’s Cave

Even looked like some ice formation in the cave

The country side was beautiful

Beaches and ocean everywhere you looked

I had to partake in a bit of coconut

The restaurant we ate at was ocean-side on a cliff

The side view of the restaurant

The oldest church in Barbados

St. James church

Another St. James Church picture

Sunday was the Wildlife Reserve and the green monkeys

The monkey was looking to get my sunglasses

Signal Station Grenade Hall Forest and the Wildlife Reserve were all in the same area

The Wildlife Reserve

Not sure what type of animal this was


They fed all of the animals at 2pm

I tried to sneak up on one of the green monkeys to steal his food

More animals

There were gators in the reserve too

Don’t feed the monkeys

Don’t pick up the turtles

He who held the food was the monkeys best friend

I tried to blend in with the monkeys

I think this tiny little guy was the one responsible for the passport theft

Beautiful beaches and oceans everywhere

Back at the resort


Just relaxed at the resort on Monday

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