3 Tips To Staying Fit In The Fall!!!

3 Tips To Staying Fit In The Fall!!!

Does anyone else feel as though this summer just flew by way too quickly? All of a sudden we are approaching the last week of August and as our days get shorter and the weather turns colder, it sure is easy to get into hibernation mode. You find yourself wanting to eat heavier foods (and more of them) in the fall/winter relative to the spring/summer months. Some even find it harder to exercise, as it gets darker and colder. Do not fall victim of the fall fifteen or the winter weight gain. I tell my personal training clients to be proactive and keep their healthy behaviors of the summer 100_1123consistent in the winter by following these three tips.

  • Do not give in to temptation. Of course we want to eat more and exercise less during the winter compared to the summer months. Who doesn’t? However, just because you want to eat comfort foods and be a couch potato doesn’t mean you should do so. If you want to maintain good health and maintain your fitness level that you worked so hard to achieve, you really can’t just do what you feel like doing. Additionally, you can’t always depend on willpower either since it is highly unreliable. You really need to structure your environment in a positive way in order to maximize healthy eating and exercise during the most challenging times of the year. Find a personal trainer, keep problematic foods out of the house, have an exercise partner, get a large dog that needs lots of walking, and so forth.
  • Be Proactive Not Reactive. When faced with exercise and diet decisions in the fall you really want to be proactive and not reactive. You really can’t just wing it. You have to think through how you are going to structure your time, working, exercising, meal planning in such a way that maximizes healthy decisions. Devise a plan, how you will exercise and eat during those challenging moments. Having a reasonable exercise game plan for rain, snow, cold, and darkness is critical. Having a reasonable game plan for wanting to eat high fat and high calorie rich foods is also imperative (especially once we get to the winter holidays).
  • Don’t Do It Alone. It is a lot easier to maintain good habits if you have support and corrective feedback from others with similar goals. Maintaining a good diet and exercise plan during the fall and winter is a lot easier if you are reporting in to someone or trying to do it with others.

So, as we now enter fall don’t let your health and fitness gains made during the spring and summer atrophy. For more tips on strength training, healthy lifestyle, and eating healthy, or if you’re just frustrated with your current level of fitness, contact us.

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