6th Annual Christmas party

pic47Training Innovations recently had our sixth annual Christmas party. We would like to say thanks to everybody that was able to attend. Although many people were out of town for the holidays, there were still well over 100 people in attendance. The party featured an awards ceremony to congratulate clients that had lost 25lbs or more, 50lbs. or more, and even 75lbs. or more. The party also had a raffle giveaway with lots of fun prizes including movies, hats, gift certificates, and more. A fun time was had by all. We would like to thank Joe & Cristy Burgerello (owners of Mario’s Pizza), Randall Garcia (of Garcia’s Kitchen), and Misha Owens (of NYPD pizza) for catering the event. The southwest Chicken Pasta, green chile chicken enchiladas, and the barbecue chicken wings were all a big hit.  Click here for more pictures.






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