Avoid Vacation Weight Gain!!!

Avoid Vacation Weight Gain!!!

IMG_2757Is it possible to indulge in your favorite foods and beverages while on vacation and not return home tipping the scale in the undesired direction? It’s all too easy to abandon our healthy eating habits and let our fitness goals fall by the wayside. However, maintaining your weight while on vacation and still enjoying yourself is a realistic goal. So before you order that extra pina colada at the poolside, consider these 4 simple strategies to avoid that diet-derailing vacation.

1. Stay active and Plan Ahead to Fit in Fitness It is almost impossible to find a hotel that does not have some sort of gym or fitness center. Plan to start your day with at least 30 minutes of time well spent or plan activities that will keep you active since keeping your 5:00 AM gym routine doesn’t quite fit in to the vacation mindset. Remember, physical activity is the ticket to enjoying extra calories without weight gain.

2. Plan your indulgences It just wouldn’t be a real vacation without at least a few indulgences, right? You’re on vacation, go ahead and indulge. However, this does not entitle you to go hog wild and put anything and everything in to your mouth. Be prepared with healthy foods so you won’t have to eat whatever is available. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast followed by easy and satisfying snacks or small meals, such as a protein bars or shakes, almonds, vegetables, etc. Stick to your regular eating schedule so you are less likely to be tempted to eat high-calorie snacks and treats due to starvation from skipped meals.

3. Avoid Dining-Out Disasters When visiting those unique restaurants it can be a mystery as to how your food is prepared. To ensure it is prepared in a healthful manner, ask questions and make special requests. The key is to order simple prepared foods, such as baked, broiled, or grilled meats and fish. Avoid fried, crispy, or creamy foods. Skip extras such as cheese and mayo and top salads with low-fat dressings. Choose no calorie drinks. These are simple things that can shave calories and make room for special treats and desserts.

4. When available…. choose the Suite. When hotel hunting, select a hotel with a refrigerator and kitchenette. This will allow you to enjoy healthy meals and save not only a few bucks, but also calories for those dining out meals. Not to mention, visiting a local grocery store for healthy foods to cook up with your family can be fun.

Vacations should be an opportunity to re-energize, refresh, and relax – not an excuse to take a break from health. For more information on staving off the dreaded vacation-induced weight gain, how to lose body fat, build muscle, or if you’re frustrated with your current level of fitness contact us.

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