Best Diet To Banish Belly Fat??

Best Diet To Banish Belly Fat??

100_0380Many of my personal training clients come to me and tell me about the latest and greatest diets they have been following, the low carb diet, the high fat diet, their friend’s sister’s mother’s diet. I’ve heard it all. If one of these diets captured your attention and you’ve fallen victim to the fad diet craze, you have plenty of company. Let me guess…you have had very little success if any at all. Well guess what! You are headed in the right direction just by reading this. Let me start by stating the facts…..

It is impossible to stay on these deprivation diets and meet your fitness goals. Now if you did actually lose some weight and were reaping the benefits of your new quick weight-loss plan, did the pounds stay off once you returned to your usual way of eating? Fad diets are not the best route to take if you are looking to keep off weight long term and have that lean healthy body. Not to mention, many fad diets fail to meet the nutritional needs of most people. Just as a car needs the proper gasoline to make it run, a body needs a healthy diet to develop properly. That means the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fats.

So what does work? The best diet is not a diet at all but a lifestyle that can be just within your reach and, simple to follow. A regimen that includes a meal plan with foods you enjoy, exercise, and healthy habits designed specifically for you and your body will bring you the results you are looking for. Now keep in mind, your plan will also depend on your fitness goals and change depending on what exactly it is you’re trying to accomplish.

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