How To Indulge Without The Holiday Bulge!!

How To Indulge Without The Holiday Bulge!!

Thanksgiving is over and the Holiday season is in full swing. Brace yourselves, this means two solid months of parties, celebrations and festivities. This can be quite stressful and overwhelming for those of us that tend to be more health conscious. However, you can still enjoy the Holiday season and indulge without the aftermath being the dreadful Holiday bulge.

Follow these simple steps as you partake in all these festivities have to offer without packing on the pounds!

1. Avoid Skipping Meals and Banking Calories! When looking forward to a holiday get together with your favorite foods and drinks, it may seem like a good idea to skip meals to “save” calories so you can splurge later. However, doing such will lead to complete disaster. Attending a party feeling so hungry that you can eat everything in sight will have you doing just that!!! Also, it is stressful for our body to consume a very large meal at any time, so don’t show up to the party starving.

2. Limit Liquid Calories Holiday parties and celebrations often include imbibing in beverages we may not often drink. Alcoholic or not, the drinks we consume can add hundreds or even thousands of calories a day. This is in addition to what we are eating. Because most beverages lack a satiety factor, meaning they will provide lots of calories but won’t make us feel full we often have a tendency to go overboard. Choose beverages that are low in calories like sparkling water, infused water, club soda, unsweetened tea or coffee, or diet soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks not only contain lots of calories but they can also lower our inhibition, causing us to make poor food choices or eat much more than we planned. If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, stay away from sweetened mixers like soda and juice and practice moderation!

3. Fail To Derail From Your Workout Routine!! With the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, exercise is probably the first thing to fall off your to-do list. Don’t let it!!! It’s your best ally in the battle against holiday weight gain. Stay focused and make your workouts a priority. Try to get them done first thing in the morning. Avoid procrastination and putting them off to the end of the day when you’re tired and your energy is limited. In fact challenge yourself to add some physical activity to your day. After a big meal, take a walk, choose the furthest parking space when doing your Holiday shopping, take the stairs rather than the elevator.

There you have it, we’re officially in full-force holiday mode but remember, no need to be a Grinch—or end up feeling deprived. For more information on how to enjoy yourself this party-packed season and still be able to fit into your pants when it’s all over, or if you’re frustrated with your current level of fitness and looking to hire a personal trainer, contact us.



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