IMG_2417Many of my personal training clients have come to me and expressed that they want to lose a few extra pounds from certain areas of their bodies like their stomach, thighs, and arms, but would like to keep weight on other areas like their breast or their buttocks. Unfortunately, this way of thinking will lead to disappointment and little, if any, success.  There is no such thing as spot reduction.  When you lose body fat, you lose from the entire body.  Your genetics determine which area of your body loses fat the easiest and which areas are the most stubborn.

Our genetics are responsible for many things, how tall we are, the color of our eyes, the potential size of our muscles, the number of fat cells we’re born with, and where those fat cells are located.  We’re all born with a certain number of fat cells.  Our fat cells don’t multiply, they just expand when you follow an unhealthy diet.  Then, if your fat cells have expanded and you change your eating habits and incorporate some exercise your fat cells shrink back down.  Just like you can’t change the number of fat cells you’re born with, you can’t change where those fat cells are located.

So if you’re born with an abundance of fat cells on your stomach or your inner thighs and a lot less fat cells in other areas of your body, when you eat bad you’re going to notice the areas with the most fat cells.  If you notice your belly or your triceps have gotten especially flabby compared to the rest of your body, just know that you were genetically predisposed to carry more fat cells in those particular areas.  Now you can still lose the fat in those stubborn areas, but it’s just going to take longer because there are more cells to shrink.  So if you have an area of the body that seems to be particularly stubborn to losing fat, just know you have to be patient.

Exercise, follow a healthy diet, and stay consistent.  Set small attainable goals weekly and make sure you achieve them.  Stay focussed!  Don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of you achieving your goals.

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