Use Cardio Efficiently To Burn Body Fat!!

Use Cardio Efficiently To Burn Body Fat!!

Korbie, I do 60 minutes of cardio a day and that’s just in the morning. How can my weight be staying the same? I like to mix my cardio up, so it’s never the same thing.  I might do a spin class one day, then body pump the next, then maybe a hot yoga class… These are some of the things I’ve heard from my personal training clients regarding what they did with cardio before coming to see me. Are you too falling victim to the overly obsessed cardio craze? What many people fail to understand is that there needs to be some kind of structure to your cardio routine in order to maximize the fat burning results. Two common mistakes that I see people making frequently when it comes to cardio is starting off with too much and engaging in random cardio.

1. How Much Is Too Much? That’s right….You read it correctly. There is such a thing as starting off with too much. You see, we humans are the most adaptive creatures on this Earth. Our bodies get used to extended exercise, using oxygen and energy more efficiently, resulting in diminishing returns in fitness and fat loss. After this adaptation occurs, the only other option to continue to burn fat is to increase your expenditure. What does this mean? Chronic Cardio-can you picture yourself doing 2 hours of cardio a day to make that scale dip in the desired direction? Don’t make this mistake and start off with too much leaving little room for progression. Each person’s fitness goal is different, therefore, the cardio duration for one individual may not be the ideal prescription for you.

2.  Random Cardio will Result in Random Fat Loss!! I go to a spin class on Monday, body pump on Tuesday, lunges, planks, and burpees at the park with my girlfriend on Wednesday……That is what I call random cardio because it’s impossible to track. Using cardio as a tool to burn calories requires a plan. Once that plan is developed you then proceed to execute the plan. I often compare cardio to  finances. Input vs.  In order to get control of your finances you must know your income vs. how much you’re spending.  Well, the same concept applies with your cardio. To burn belly fat, you must know what your consumption is, calorie intake, and know what your expenditure is, calories being burned. With random cardio you have no idea how much you are actually expending, the intensity of the cardio and so on.

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