2014 Bodybuilding.com Fit Expo

Body Fortress recently flew me out to the 2014 Bodybuilding.com Fit Expo held in Boise, Idaho the weekend of June 5th – June 8th. The first day of the expo was only open to Bodybuilding.com employees and their families, but the second day was open to the general public. There were so many people in attendance that there was a line of people wrapped around the building, waiting to get in. I had an awesome time and got to meet lots of new fans and friends.


There was a life-size banner of me at our booth.

Hanging out with Kirstin and Vanessa.

The three of us hamming it up.

Kirstin was convinced that my arm was bigger than her thigh.

We eventually measured and found out my arm was actually bigger.

IFBB Pro Shawn Rhoden stopped by the booth to say hello.

Kirstin and I.

IFBB Pro Jerome Hollywood Ferguson stopped by the booth to say hi.

IFBB Pro Lindsey Lee stopped by our booth.

Me and Justine Moore.

Posing for a picture with my picture.

Posing with one of my fans.

Me and Jamie Varner.

Posing with Teresa Hartle.

Me and Jamie comparing biceps.

Posing with one of my fans.

Me and Jamie.

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