Best Post Workout Meal?(Carbs No Carbs)

Best Post Workout Meal?

Best post workout meal - Top personal trainer Korbie Nitiforo reveals  A question often asked by my personal training clients is…what is the best post workout meal?  This is a tricky question to answer because the answer may vary depending on several variables. What are your fitness goals(are you trying to build more muscle, or lose fat)? What was your perceived amount of exertion during your workout(A leg workout is going to be a lot more challenging than an abdominal workout).  Consuming the right nutrients post workout is essential for muscle recovery.

What Happens To My Muscles During a Workout? 

When working out, we are actually breaking down our muscles and using up glycogen stores for fuel. This results in your muscles being very depleted of glycogen and protein after your workout.  It is important to start that rebuilding process as soon as possible after an intense workout. This way your body can replenish its glycogen stores and repair and regrow those muscle proteins(thus enhancing recovery). Eating the appropriate balance of carbs and protein after your workout decrease muscle protein break-down, increases muscle protein synthesis (growth) and restores glycogen stores which enhances recovery.


To replenish your protein post workout, I usually have my personal training clients drink a protein shake.  If you’ve just worked out with one of the personal trainers at Training Innovations, it’s highly likely that your body is very depleted and you need something that is going to get into your system very quickly.  So you want to consume something that is going to be fast acting, like a high quality whey protein. Not a steak or a hamburger. The same thought process applies when it comes to post workout carbohydrates.


 Some good fast acting carbohydrates I usually recommend to my clients are Cream of Rice, Honey Nut Cheerios, and the flavored packets of oatmeal. Yes I said flavored packets. But isn’t that too much sugar? The answer is no!  You actually want an insulin spike post workout to help shuttle all the nutrients into the muscles.  Now this doesn’t mean you can go crazy and have a stack of pancakes smothered with a ton of maple syrup. But a little bit of sugar post workout is actually gonna be beneficial. For more information on the best post workout meal, how to lose weight, or if you’re frustrated with your current level of fitness and looking to hire a personal trainer, contact us.



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