Just in Time for Bulking Season

Just in Time for Bulking Season

10710643_844281072272323_4805547588030122142_nIt is known in the fitness industry that athletes have different times of the year where we either bulk up(add quality muscle mass to our body by increasing our caloric content and training with heavier weights) or contest diet(diet down to extremely low levels of body fat while hopefully trying to maintain the quality muscle mass we built during the bulking phase).  The contest diet part seems to be attainable for most athletes being that there are more contest prep coaches available for hire now and it is just easier in general to lose body fat than it is to build muscle.  Bulking up and putting on quality muscle for many athletes seems to be as elusive as the Road Runner when Wiley Coyote is chasing him in the cartoons.  They have absolutely no idea how to go about it.  It would be easy to just add a bunch of extra calories by way of hamburgers, enchiladas, pizza, and candy, but I would wager that you would see your waistline expanding a lot quicker than your chest or biceps.  In order to really put on that quality weight gain, it is important to increase your caloric intake slowly over time.  You also need to eat nutritious, calorically dense foods and incorporate a high quality weight gainer.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Well a good physique wasn’t either.  It takes time to build quality muscle.  So it’s important to add extra calories to your diet slowly over the course of several weeks.  The body doesn’t like sudden, drastic changes.  Increasing your calories from 2000 a day to 5000 a day is a good way to shock your body into fat storage mode.  Instead, try increasing your calories from 2000 to 3000 a day.  And then gradually increase them thereafter as necessary.

Increasing your caloric intake by adding nutritious, calorically dense foods is important.  Foods like nuts & seeds, fruits, avocados, whole grains, whole milk, whole eggs, whole cheeses, salmon, beef, pork, and chicken dark meat are all good foods to consider adding to the diet when trying to gain quality weight.  Your caloric intake can also be increased by increasing the number of times you eat per day.  A lot of the athletes I come across that have the hardest time gaining weight are also not big eaters.  The advice I give to them is if they’re not able to eat their calories, they should drink their calories.  That’s where a good weight gainer comes into play.

Body Fortress’s new Super Advanced Mass Gainer is one of the best weight gainers on the market.  The ratio of carbohydrates to protein is perfect for quality weight gain.  The source of carbohydrates is maltodextrin, which is perfect for adding quality weight to your physique without excess fat storage. And it tastes absolutely delicious!!!  Which is extremely important if you’re gonna be drinking it several times a day.

Adding quality muscle mass to your physique can be quite a task.  But with patience, perseverance, good nutrition, and good supplementation it can be achieved.  For more information about building mass, working out, health and fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle, or if you’re frustrated with your current level of fitness and have been thinking about hiring a personal trainer, contact us.

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