Casein: The Bedtime Protein


Casein: The Bedtime Protein

IMG_1441I highly recommend protein supplementation to my personal training clients in order to help  develop their physiques.  However, there are various types of protein supplements that work differently in the body  and it can become very confusing as to what type of protein to take and when to take it.  Most people are familiar with whey protein.  It is a good choice as a protein supplementation before or after a weight training workout due to its quick and easy absorption rate which the muscles can immediately utilize for building and repairing muscle tissue.  However, instead of whey protein, a casein protein supplement would be the optimal choice when consuming protein in the evening before bed.

What is casein protein?  Casein protein, like whey, is a form of milk protein.  Casein, also referred to as calcium caseinate, accounts for 80 percent of the total milk protein content while whey accounts for the other 20 percent. Casein protein forms a gel like substance which makes it a good binder.  It is a crucial part of the cheese making process but casein’s ability to gel make it a good protein supplement choice right before bed.

What are the benefits of supplementing with a casein protein before bed?  As a person sleeps, the body goes into a catabolic state.  Catabolism is the breaking down of muscle tissue that can occur when a person goes for long periods of time without replenishing protein stores.  For people who engage in strength training or weight lifting programs, it is essential to provide the body with enough protein to both maintain and build muscle mass.  Often this is done by consuming several small meals that contain protein every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day.  But during sleep, the body will go into a fasting state.  As a result of casein’s ability to gel, it makes casein a slow digesting protein helping the body to maintain steady levels of amino acids.  This provides the muscles with necessary protein during the 7 to 8 hours spent sleeping helping the body avoid catabolism.

Protein is essential for building muscle and repairing the body.  For people looking to change their physical appearance it requires a delicate balance between diet and exercise but with a well-developed fitness program a person can achieve their best, overall physique.

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