Common Workout Mistakes that Impede Progress!

Common Workout Mistakes that Impede Progress!

Common workout mistakes - If you're frustrated with your current workout routine contact us (505)261-1253You have developed a workout routine, have the discipline to get to the gym on a daily basis, and push yourself when you’re there. The correct movements are incorporated with the right weights and reps; these are all components of a solid foundation for any good workout regimen right?  Why are you not seeing the results? There are lots of little things that can hinder a good routine and good results. Here are four common workout mistakes most people make that may be reducing the effectiveness of your workouts and keeping you from getting the results you want.

1. You’re Working…But Not Working Toward YOUR Goals

First thing I do with my personal training clients is, familiarize myself with their goals.  I then devise a game plan on how they’re going to reach those goals.  Most often what happens is this, you find the workout routine your favorite fitness celebrity is using and decide that if it works for them, it’ll work for me, right? Wrong!  Every person is different and therefore what may work for your favorite fitness celebrity may not necessarily work for you.    You need to clearly define your goals—not someone else’s.  Then devise a good workout routine that is going to help you reach those goals.

2. Sticking To The Same Rep Scheme: Performing the Same Exact Thing Day in and Day Out!

Don’t get stuck in a rut lifting the same weight with the same number of reps as the previous workout. What many athletes don’t realize is sticking to the same exercise with the same weight and the same number of reps impedes your progress. Keep your muscles guessing by switching up the exercises, weight, and reps. I consistently introduce my clients to a new type of training stimulus that their body hasn’t had a chance to adapt to, which leads to better results in a shorter period of time.

3. Allowing Rest Periods Between Sets To Drag On!

Taking too long of a break between sets could be sabotaging your results. Too long of a water break, chatting it up with gym buddies, and texting with friends between sets will not keep your heart rate elevated which will not result in the maximum calories burned. It’s important to work those muscles while they’re still hot for maximum results. The muscle fibers must be broken down in order to rebuild and grow more muscle mass. Keep that blood flow in the muscles, and keep them pumped by taking breaks just long enough to catch your breath.

4. Mindless Lifting!

When you hit the gym it’s important to stay constantly focused on what you’re doing. All to often I’ve seen people in the gym just going through the motions. This does not allow you to complete each set with energy and attention. Don’t just aim to hit the rep number because it’s part of your plan.

Are you one of those athletes making one of these four mistakes? Don’t let anything stand in your way from making those changes to your physique! Stay focused, determined, and driven and let us help you do the rest. For more information on reaching those fitness goals, common workout mistakes, losing weight, and living a healthier lifestyle, or if you’re looking to hire a personal trainer, contact us.



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