Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight


Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

IMG_1231One thing I emphasize with all of my personal training clients is the importance of eating a good breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but most people are in such a rush in the morning that breakfast is often skipped or consists of the wrong foods.  Studies have shown that people who eat a healthy, balanced breakfast are most successful at losing and maintaining weight loss.  How can eating a healthy breakfast help you lose weight?

  • Boost metabolism.  Metabolism is the body’s basal metabolic rate which is the amount of energy the body needs to function.  During sleep, the body goes into a fasting state slowing the metabolism to conserve energy. After eating breakfast, the body starts the metabolism up again putting it in a state of thermogenesis. This is the how the body digests and transports food increasing the resting metabolism by up to 10 percent.  For those who skip breakfast, it can be up to 18 hours before the body is refueled again making the body conserve calories and slowing down the metabolism.
  • Increase energy.  Our bodies use glucose to supply energy.  While you sleep the body will tap into its glycogen stores in order to keep blood sugar levels stable.  In the morning, glycogen levels are low or depleted.  Eating breakfast can replenish these stores giving the body the energy it needs to function properly.  Without breakfast it will break down fatty acids for energy. Unfortunately, fatty acids will not provide the body with the same amount of energy that glucose does resulting in low energy.  Increased energy will allow you to be more active and burn more calories during the day.
  • Curb the urge to snack.  Skipping breakfast can leave you feeling ravenous and lethargic by mid-morning.  This can lead to uncontrolled snacking and poor food choices due to the fact that energy is low.  People who eat breakfast are more likely to eat nutritious foods avoiding the urge to continually snack throughout the day.

It’s important to remember that you must also make wise food choices for breakfast to promote weight loss and successfully maintain a healthy weight.  The best choices for a healthy breakfast include a lean source of protein (like eggs) and a complex carbohydrate (like whole grain oats, bread or cereal).  These types of foods are not only low in calories  but will also slowly release energy to your body keeping you feeling satiated until it is time for your next meal.

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