Can Eating Red Meat Be Part of a Healthy Diet?


Can Eating Red Meat Be Part of a Healthy Diet?

 IMG_1320Red meat has been controversial when it comes to eating a healthy diet.  It is often associated with high cholesterol and saturated fats but there are health benefits associated with the consumption of red meat when the right cut and correct amount of lean red meat is incorporated in the diet.

  • Red meat is a good source of protein.  One 3 ounce serving of red meat contains half the protein an average person needs in their diet on a daily basis.  It also contains essential amino acids which the body cannot make and must be consumed in the diet.  These essential amino acids are responsible for building muscle, repairing tissue, boosting the immune system and preventing illness.
  • Red meat provides the body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for a healthy body.  These include B vitamins, iron, zinc, and selenium to name a few.  Lean red meats contain B-12 which supports the nervous system, B-6 which strengthens the immune system, niacin which helps with healthy digestion and riboflavin which is important for healthy eyes and skin.  Our bodies need iron to help transport oxygen to all other parts of the body.  Selenium is also necessary for protecting the body from illness by boosting the immune system.

When choosing red meat it’s important to look for lean cuts such as top sirloin steak, eye of round steak, sirloin tip side steak and top round roast.  Look at labels when buying ground beef and choose extra lean or lean beef.  Avoid red meat that is heavily processed such as hot dogs or cold cuts.  These types of processed meats are high in saturated fat and can increase your risk of heart disease or diabetes.   Also, be careful not to overcook red meat.  When meat is overcooked, especially during grilling, carcinogens can form so it’s best to avoid charred or burnt meat.

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