Foods That Cause  Inflammation!

Foods That Cause  Inflammation!

Foods that cause inflammation - Top personal trainer Korbie Nitiforo discusses

Wake Up With Pain?

Have you ever woken up with pain in your hands, neck, shoulders, knees, or back?  Is it just something you’ve accepted due to getting older?  Well, what if I told you that it’s not due to old age at all, and more likely the foods you’re eating that cause inflammation.

Processed Food

Many things you currently consider to be “foods” are not. Instead, these items are processed, adulterated, refined, diluted, sweetened, salted, or changed in some way. In fact Any “food” with a brand name is not real food anymore because the ingredients have been processed for a longer shelf life, which means that most of its beneficial anti-inflammatory components have been lost and salt, sugar, bad fats, and preservatives have been added.

Genetically Modified Foods

Eggs, cashews, tomatoes, whole grains, brown rice, grain fed beef, just to name a few are foods that can cause inflammation. I know what you’re thinking, “Coach Korbie, tomatoes are healthy, real food grown from the ground.” Yes, but have you recently taken a soil sample from the farm that grew that tomato?  It’s likely full of glyphosates(a harmful herbicide that is sprayed on weeds and grasses that compete with crops).  The tomato could also be genetically modified(GMO).  Meaning the genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory to ensure it will have a longer shelf life.

Artificial Sweeteners

Drinks you may be consuming could also exacerbate the problem.  When was the last time you had a diet soda and thought you were doing good because, well after all it is diet which means no sugar and no calories right? Wrong! The artificial sweetener in that diet soda could cause inflammation just as the sugar in the regular soda. Synthetic sweeteners (Nutrasweet, Splenda, saccharin, aspartame, AminoSweet, etc.)—are all possible suspects when it comes to inflammation. Fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and coffee are drinks you may be consuming that could also cause issues. Now hold on a minute coffee is ok isn’t it, it has the good antioxidants. Yes it does, but not if you’re adding spoonful after spoonful of sweet creamers. So next time you visit your local coffee shop, think twice before you order that caramel macchiato.

85% of Americans

So if you’re like 85% of the American population and experiencing weight gain, low energy, skin problems, digestive issues, aches and pains due to inflammation, you don’t have to feel frustrated anymore. Don’t blame these issues that you may be experiencing on the fact that you’re getting older. We all are, but you need to get wiser and do something about it.  Sign up for our nutrition management program and learn what, when, and how much of certain foods you should be eating.   We have helped many of our prized personal training clients drastically reduce aches and pains and surpass their weight-loss goals by helping them discover what foods they are consuming that are the cause of their inflammation. Contacts us today to get started!!!



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