Four Workout Tips To Burn More Fat

Perform drop sets:-


when you are trying to burn fat around your waistline you want to make sure you are burning extra calories and when you perform a set of an exercise to fatigue usually that’s where the set stops but to do a drop set you would actually put the weight back on the rack and Then immediately grab a lighter weight and continue the set and that’s gonna burn extra calories burning extra fat around your waistline!

Use Negatives:- 


There are three parts of the strength curve in a lift, when you are doing the positive portion of the lift that is when your actually curling the weight up and then there’s a static portion of the lift where you’re actually holding the muscle in the static position/contracted position and the negative portion of the lift where you’re actually lowering the weight, now the negative portion of the lift is the part of the lift that most people forget,  they just let the weight fall now that is probably the most important part of the lift because you are actually breaking down the most muscle fiber, therefore, you’re burning the most calories, therefore burning the most fat.

Use Active Rest:-


What is active rest you might ask? well in between sets of an exercise where you normally would be getting a drink of water or checking your Facebook messages or even taking a selfie, What you wanna do is an exercise like jump squats or burpees or mountain climbers for 30 seconds and that will exacerbate your fat-burning process and you will burn tons of calories and you good to be well on your way to getting that six-pack for the summer.

Don’t Be Afraid To Modify An Exercise:-


Normally a bicep curl is performed seated on a bench and the lunge is performed separately but by combining the two you will be able to call in to play with more muscle fibers meaning you can burn more body fat, let’s get those six-pack abs ready for the summer! So there you have folks, Four workout tips to help speed up that fat burning process so if you’re looking to get those beach-ready abs by the summer utilize one of these four tips or if you know somebody who is trying to get those beach-ready abs before the summer share this blog with them and for more free fitness and fat loss tips head on to

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