Get In Shape Fast For the Summer!

6 Tips to Help You Get In Shape For the Summer!

Tips to help you get in shape for summer1.  Drink More Shakes 

When you’re on the go and haven’t taken the time to prepare a meal, drink a protein shake.  Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to get nutrients into your body. And the key word here is “easy”.  When I work with a client on nutrition management, I always keep things as simple as possible.  This makes it more likely for you to stay on track and not be tempted to eat junk just because you didn’t get a chance to prepare a meal.  Just one of my little tricks to help you get in shape fast.

2.  Don’t Cut Out The Egg Yolks

 For a long time it’s been a fad for fitness athletes trying to get in shape to eat a ton of egg whites, but to omit the egg yolks.  This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re trying to get lean.  Egg yolks are just brimming with beneficial nutrients. Fat soluble vitamins, protein, and vitamin A, D, E and K to name just a few. The truth is, adding a little bit of fat to your diet slows down the digestive process and helps your body lose fat.

3.  Eat More Fiber

 Eating more fiber helps slow down digestion, thus keeping blood sugars more steady. Some high fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. While losing weight and maintaining the weight loss is not easy, adding fiber is the key to keeping you satiated while dieting. Fiber is linked to having a lower body weight because whole grains are usually lower in calories than high-fat foods.

4.  Cut Out Sugar

 The quickest way to increase the number of fats cells on your body is by eating sugar and refined carbs. Eating a higher fat, higher protein, lower sugar and refined Carb diet will speed up your metabolism and curb your hunger. A healthy diet containing unprocessed foods like fresh fruit will give you plenty of sugar in its natural form for energy. The easiest way to cut refined sugar is to avoid highly processed foods. Simply avoiding common sources like sugary fruit yogurt, sweetened drinks, and, of course, desserts will reduce the added sugars in your diet by 75 percent.

5.  Get More Sleep

The longer you’re awake the more likely you are to consume calories you don’t need, which can cause you to gain up to two pounds a week. Not only do you have more energy to take on the day after a good night’s sleep, but your body also burns more calories. Yale University did a recent study of two groups of people: one group was sleep deprived, and the other group got a full 8 hours rest each night.  The amount of calories burned while at rest was five percent higher in the rested group than their sleep deprived counterparts. They also burned 20 percent more calories after a meal versus the sleep deprived group. When you don’t sleep enough, your cortisol levels rise. This is the stress hormone that is frequently associated with fat gain.

6.  Hire Personal Trainer

 If you were to visit a new, unfamiliar city, would you hire a tour guide? A personal Trainer can be looked at as a tour guide for your physique. They can help you individualize a strength training program to get in you shape.  So if you want more tips to help you get in shape fast for summer or you’ve been frustrated with the results you’re seeing in the gym, a personal trainer may be just what you need. Let us help you take your fitness and weight loss goals to the next level. Need a personal trainer? Contact us.

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