Health and Wellness


Health and Wellness

NT1A9776Many of my personal training clients start working out with me with the intentions of losing weight to improve their physical health.  But another benefit of engaging in a strength training and fitness program is the improvement of their mental well-being by increasing feelings of overall happiness.  

  • Exercise releases chemicals in the body that improve mood.  This chemical is called dopamine.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness.  As a person ages the amount of dopamine produced in the body decreases.  Fortunately, physical activities like weight training or cardiovascular exercise boost the production of dopamine.
  •   Exercise increases energy.  During a strength training or cardiovascular session, oxygen and nutrients are distributed to tissues throughout the body.  This is beneficial in helping the body to work more efficiently increasing both muscle strength and endurance which increases energy levels.  The more energy a person has results in more productivity and self-satisfaction.
  • Exercise combats stress.  Taking part in a regular exercise program signals hormonal changes in the body by raising a person’s heart rate and exposing the heart to a low-level form of stress.  Over time this helps the body form immunity to feelings of stress resulting in the ability to handle stressors that are inevitable in life.
  • Exercise helps you sleep better.  For people with insomnia or sleep disorders, regular exercise significantly improves the quality of sleep.  An adequate amount of sleep is necessary for the body to function properly.  Getting enough rest improves how the brain functions and directly affects our moods.
  • Exercise raises self-esteem.  Strength training and cardiovascular exercise can promote weight loss and increase muscle mass resulting in an improved physique.  Transforming the body for the better not only makes a person feel good about the way they look but also increases their self-esteem and sense of self satisfaction.

Overall, taking part in a regular strength training or fitness regimen is a great way to improve the way you feel everyday as well as increase health benefits and quality of life.

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