Supplementation for Adolescents

Supplementation for Adolescents

NT1A9722As a personal trainer who works with teen athletes I often get questions from both teens and their parents about adding supplements to their diet to increase performance and strength.  Parents are often apprehensive about including supplements in their teen’s regimen and this is understandable since some supplements should not be taken by adolescents.  The best approach to supplementation in a teen athlete’s diet is making sure that both parents and their teenage child are educated on which supplements are beneficial and safe for adolescents to use as well as correct dosage amounts.  I recommend the following supplements for adolescents who participate in rigorous sports starting at around ages 14 to 16.

  • Whey Protein.  Whey protein is a supplement that can benefit anyone of any age as long as they do not have a dairy allergy.  It is an excellent post-workout source of protein that provides amino acids to the muscles to promote growth.  It is easily and quickly digested making it a good source of protein.  Considering most teens do not always incorporate the best quality foods in their diets, whey protein is a good choice especially for active teens that may need a larger amount of protein due to their level of activity in sports.
  • Creatine.  Creatine supplements are beneficial for teen athletes who participate in high intensity, intermittent sports such as Soccer or Football by increasing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body which is a main source for providing explosive power to the muscle. Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is made in the liver, kidneys and pancreas but adding creatine supplements to the diet helps the body increase muscle mass and strength. The best way to incorporate creatine supplements is in cycles.
  • Glutamine.  Glutamine is one of the bodies most abundant and essential amino acids.  It is responsible for boosting the immune system, synthesizing protein and assisting the body with muscle recovery.  For teens involved in rigorous sports, adding L-Glutamine to the diet can help them reach maximum potential by helping their muscles recover quickly.

There are many factors for teen athletes to consider when working to meet peak performance while participating in sports.  Supplementation can help enhance their body’s athletic performance but a healthy diet, adequate sleep and rest will also be essential factors to meeting their athletic goals.

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