The Benefits of a Cheat Meal

The Benefits of a Cheat Meal

securedownloadFor most of my personal training clients, following a prescribed diet is the most challenging part of their program while working towards improving their physique.  Following a diet for weight loss requires planning, discipline and will power which can be tough when cravings strike.  But incorporating one meal into your weekly diet where you eat what you’re craving can be very beneficial in helping you meet your weight loss goals.

Boost Metabolism.  Eating to lose weight requires creating a calorie deficit.  Over time, the body will adapt to the amount of calories consumed and the metabolism will slow down to conserve energy.  Eating one meal of choice per week can increase the metabolism by increasing the amount of leptin the body produces.  Leptin is the hormone in our bodies that is responsible for controlling hunger and maintaining energy levels.  A cheat meal can boost leptin levels by 30% over a 24 hour period, boosting the metabolism to burn more calories.

Replenish Glycogen. Dieting to lose weight often includes a reduction in carbohydrates.  When you add strength training and cardio in the mix, the body depletes its glycogen stores which are responsible for fueling our bodies.  Having a cheat meal will replenish glycogen stores helping the body store energy that is needed for workouts.

Increase Motivation.  Partaking in a cheat meal once a week can help satisfy cravings making it easier to stick with your diet during the week.  This allows you to socialize with family and friends by going out to eat without feeling guilty or worrying about staying on your diet.

To get the most out of a cheat meal make sure you follow these simple guidelines.  Always have your cheat meal on the same day of the week so you’re motivated to stay on your diet throughout the rest of the week.  Have your cheat meal in the evening so you’re not tempted to eat like this all day making it a cheat day instead of a cheat meal. Watch your portion size so you don’t overindulge and sabotage the progress you made the week before.

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