5 Tips To A Slimmer Thanksgiving

100_19471.  Exercise before you eat.  If you get up Thanksgiving morning and go for a brisk walk or run, you burn off extra calories before you indulge in your favorite foods.

2.  Eat breakfast.  The worst thing you can do is arrive to a Thanksgiving meal starving.  People who are super hungry will have a tendency to over eat much more than those who are not.

3.  Chew slowly.  Chewing slowly will allow your body to feel fuller quicker.  So don’t scarf down your Thanksgiving meal like it’s your last meal ever.

4.  Drink plenty of water.  Staying hydrated helps the body to feel satiated.  And water contains no calories.  If you’re not a big water drinker, opt for Crystal Lite, Diet green tea, or other calorie free drinks.

5.  Going back for seconds.  Avoid it.  If you have eaten breakfast, chewed your Thanksgiving meal slowly, and drunk plenty of water, you should not be hungry for seconds.  Worst case scenario, if your host insists, take a plate home for later.

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