Best Personal Trainer In Albuquerque, NM


Best Personal Trainer In Albuquerque, NM

Top personal trainer albuquerqueKorbie Nitiforo  is considered by many to be the best personal trainer in Albuquerque, NM.  He and his brother Jojo started bodybuilding in their garage when they were teenagers and never stopped.  Korbie has been a personal trainer since 1991 and has taken the fitness industry by storm.  He has helped thousands of clients get into shape and reach their personal fitness goals.   Although a lot has changed in the fitness industry since 1991, some basic principles have remained the same. Getting clients in shape require the same basic fundamental training principles.  And if you follow these basic principles, you’re gonna be well on your way to building a great physique.

Exercise, Nutrition, Cardio, and Rest

1.  Proper Exercise
2.  Proper Nutrition
3.  Adequate Cardiovascular Conditioning
4.  Adequate Rest

Add the appropriate amount of motivation and you have a winning formula.

Winning Formula

Korbie has spent a lifetime developing the winning formula which produces results for his clients. Just take a look at some of the testimonials.

There are far too many people attending gyms that are just not seeing the results.  However, this is usually not for a lack of effort on their part, but rather a lack of knowledge.  Training Innovations was started with the intention of helping people reach their personal fitness goals.  It is important to set clear, concise goals when you begin a program.  And it is equally important to reach those goals.  The main reason people don’t see the fitness results they’re after is due to lack of a clear vision. 

At Training Innovations we have developed a training strategy and formula which has proven successful for all those who “want results.” Korbie will show you the way to get there! All you have to do is contact us today.

Great Personal Trainer

What Makes a Great Personal Trainer?

Experience.  Korbie has personally trained thousands of clients and his personal fitness trainers are among the best personal trainers in Albuquerque. Take a look at some of the success stories and  testimonials.  Oftentimes our clients excel far beyond what they even thought was possible and ultimately decide to show off their great form by entering fitness and bodybuilding competitions.

Korbie has spent a lifetime in the fitness industry and his success is a direct result of his commitment to excellence in his craft.  He has developed a winning formula; a systematic approach, which combines sound fitness principles that has worked for him as well as his clients.  For more information about hiring a personal trainer, contact us.


Owner, developer and founder of Training Innovations.

Personal Training since 1991

twelve years of continuing education

Four years in the College of Pharmacy at U.N.M.

Graduated from U.N.M. in 1998 with degree in exercise science

Top Personal Trainer in Albuquerque, NM

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