Workout Plan When You Have Limited Time!

Workout Plan When You Have Limited Time!

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1.  Use The Big 3

Three simple exercises should be the baseline of your workout plan when you have limited time.  If you devote 45 minutes three days a week to the big three, you can make some good physique changes to your body. Give each of your three major muscle groups its own dedicated day. One day for squats, another benches, and a third day for dead lifts. To save time cut down on all the extra workouts you are doing. Those eighteen sets of curls aren’t the most important for your gains. I’m not trying to diminish the value of auxiliary work, but for the sake of your time you can cut it out.

2.  Don’t Leave the Squat Rack on Squat Day

On squat day, you don’t need to ever leave the rack. Change up your rep ranges to match whatever your goal maybe. When in doubt four sets of six seem to be a solid choice for all the major muscle groups. When your main movement is done, you continue to squat using variations for your secondary movements.

Front squats, wide stance, narrow, pauses, and whatever other variations you can think of. An additional 3 sets of any two of the previous mentioned movements and you have a recipe for making gains. You have limited time, so no need for running around to five different machines. Simple, effective, hard work.

3.  Stay Basic when Benching

On your bench day, follow the same basic template. You should never have leave the bench. Vary your rep ranges to match what your goals are. Again four sets of six has always been a solid game plan. Following that up with some bench variations. Use some boards, bands, chains, pauses, close grips, wide grips, or whatever other favorite you might have for your secondary movement.

4.  Commit to the Lift

On the third day of your training week, stick to the deadlift. Do them from the floor, from boxes, and various heights. You can do them with verse bands or even with chains if that’s what you like. You can do variations such as Romanians or snatch grips. Always vary your rep ranges based on your goals so you will have a quick effective workout.

After reading these tips I hope you understand that there is still some need to do isolation work, so don’t think that auxiliary work has no value. I am simply saying that you can still make gains on limited time sticking to the basic core lifts. I am also not telling you that a full body workout wouldn’t work. Just from my experience and point of view, I would prefer to see people hit the big three on different days.

I feel like you can focus on moving more weight when given its own day, therefore making more gains. Don’t use time as an excuse. You can make gains, improve your body, and feel better about yourself with even limited time. For more information on a workout plan when you have limited time, changing your physique, losing weight, and living a healthier lifestyle, or if you’re looking to hire a personal trainer,  call us today (505) 261-1253 


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