Training Innovations 9th annual Christmas Party

Steven, Kyle and myself transformed the gym into a banquet hall

raffle-ticketsTo begin the evening, I started giving out raffle tickets.

place filling upBefore long, the place started filling up.

garcias kitchenGarcia’s Kitchen arrived early to set up. Steve Norris from Dion’s Pizza provided 8 specialty pizzas and a pizza warmer to keep them warm.

passion fruit punchGarcia’s Kitchen provided water and passion fruit punch.

dessertThe dessert table didn’t disappoint

lots of foodThere was so much food, Will couldn’t make up his mind.

courtneyCourtney Brazely couldn’t make up his mind either.

garcias was greatGarcia’s did an awesome job serving everyone the delicious food.

no diet tonightElaine Kortan & Andrea Medina were so happy to be off of their diets for the evening.

off her dietMarilyn Bujak was also completely tickled to be off of her diet for the evening.

jerry readerJerry Reeder asking which was lower in calories, the red or green chili chicken enchiladas.

mom and the spanish riceMy mom pretending that she only wanted a small portion of Spanish rice.

not in floridaCurtis was in heaven. Residing in Florida, he doesn’t get to sample a lot of good Mexican food.

everyone eatingEverybody enjoying a good meal.

I couldn’t resist the urge to partake in the delicious dinner

After the meal it was time to get down to business

Christmas bonusI started by showing my gratitude to Steven & Kyle for their invaluable service and dedication to helping me change our clients lives. They each got a Christmas bonus.

Cathy Felder lost more than 25lbs.

I told a funny story about each person that won an award or a raffle prize

Jerry Reeder lost more than 50lbs

Will Jones lost more than 50lbs

Andrea Medina won Most Improved Physique 2012 for the women

Andrea helped me by picking the raffle winners

Jean Aragon was thrilled to win a box of European cookies

Jennifer Latimer won some gourmet toffee.

Debra Singletary won some gourmet chocolate

Debra was also the recipient of one of my funny stories

Harry Weil won a gourmet nut sampler

Trey Arthur won some gourmet toffee

Barbara Tabaka won a $50 gift certificate to Texas Land and Cattle

Shonnetta Henry won a $50 gift certificate to Outback steakhouse

Lenny won Barbara Tabaka’s husband Lenny won a tub of Biopure whey protein. I teased him, saying the raffle was fixed.

Mariann Wallace won a $50 gift certificate to Papadeuxs

Adam Turner won a $50 gift certificate to Outback

My nephew Kyle won a $50 gift certificate to Outback

Elaine Kortan won a $50 gift certificate to PF Changs

Andrea Medina won a $50 gift certificate to Texas Land and Cattle

Angelia Jaramillo won a $50 gift certificate to Papadeuxs

Rosie won some gourmet toffee

brothers win tooCurtis Hunter’s brother Rosevelt won a gourmet nut sampler.

Then his wife won some gourmet toffee a minute later

Julie Hotz won a $50 gift certificate to PF Changs

Me and my beautiful mom 🙂

Me and Dave Leachman oh and that’s Jena Arthur sneaking some more dessert from the dessert table lol

Me and Harry Weil

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