2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and Fit Expo

Fit Expo 2014As many of you may already know, I can now proudly call myself a Body Fortress sponsored athlete. Body Fortress flew me out to the 2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and Fit Expo held in Columbus, Ohio the weekend of February 28th – March 2nd. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic is a professional bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini, and physique competition that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself sanctions every year. It also features many other events including strong man, arm wrestling, boxing, fencing, etc. The Fit Expo is held in conjunction with the show in order for supplement companies and other vendors to display their different fitness products to the general public. I worked the Fit Expo all three days and had an amazing time and I even got the opportunity to flex my biceps for Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.


Fit Expo 2014There was a life size banner of me at the expo!


Fit Expo 2014Me and IFBB Pro Malcolm Marshall.


Fit Expo 2014Posing with Sarah.


Jodi and Kirstin using my arms as pull-up bars.


Me and Kirstin


Fit Expo 2014Jamie Varner, Corrie, and myself.


Fit Expo 2014Jiff, the model, actor dog!


Fit Expo 2014Terry, Jodi, and Myself.


Fit Expo 2014Jodi hitting a double bicep pose after the team picture.


Fit Expo 2014Me and Kyle.


Fit Expo 2014Posing with Teresa.


Fit Expo 2014Posing with Cindy.


Fit Expo 2014Me and Jamie.


Fit Expo 2014Me and Anthony doing a most muscular pose.


Fit Expo 2014Hamming it up for the camera.


Fit Expo 2014Arnold stopping by our booth (He only stopped by a small handful of booths).


Fit Expo 2014Before he left our booth, Arnold turned to me and told me my arms looked humongous. Then he asked me to hit a double bicep pose for him!

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