Flexing For Arnold

SJA_2075I recently attended the 2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and Fit Expo held in Columbus, Ohio.  The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic is a professional bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini, and physique competition that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself sanctions every year.

It also features many other events including strong man, arm wrestling, boxing, fencing, etc.  The Fit Expo is held in conjunction with the show in order for supplement companies and other vendors to display their different fitness products to the general public.  Now Arnold usually doesn’t attend the Fit Expo, but this particular weekend he did make an appearance.  He had an entourage of security around him and it was said that he was only going to stop by a few, specified supplement company’s booths to take a picture with them.  One of those booths happened to be The Body Fortress booth(an awesome supplement company that I am lucky enough to be a part of).  Arnold stopped by and took a picture with our team.  Then before he left, he turned to me and told me I had humongous arms and to hit a double bicep pose for him.  I had a grin painted on my face for the rest of the weekend.  To see more candid pics from the fit expo weekend check out our news page or to get more tips on nutrition, fitness, and personal training, contact us.

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