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If you haven’t purchased your copy of the January issue of Flex Magazine, go out to your local news stand and get it today.  In case you haven’t heard of it, Flex Magazine is one of the top health and fitness magazines available.  Featured on page 86 is none other than your local Albuquerque Personal Trainer.  Having my picture in Flex magazine has always been a dream of mine.  

How I Was Featured in Flex Magazine

Now there’s a funny story behind how I came to be featured in this top health and fitness magazine.  I was backstage at the 2013 North American Bodybuilding Fitness Figure and Bikini Championships when I was approached by a couple of nice, very fit, young ladies.  They told me they wanted to talk to me after I  finished doing my posing routine.   Just imagine for a second what thoughts must have been going through my mind as I sat there almost completely naked as two cute, young, in shape girls told me they needed to talk to me.  I thought they might be interested in personal training.

Body Fortress

As it turned out, they were with Body Fortress and they introduced me to Teresa Hartle(talent manager of Body Fortress).  Teresa told me they were looking for a fit, muscular bodybuilder to represent their company and before I knew it, Body Fortress was flying me out to the Mr. Olympia weekend in Las Vegas to work the Body Fortress booth and do a photo shoot the following day.  Four months later, I receive my copy of Flex Magazine in the mail and am pleasantly surprised to see my picture in the pages.  It really is a dream come true.  2014 is going to be an awesome year.  To stay up to date on all of the latest news, views, and reviews check out our news page.  Or if you’ve been working out and are frustrated with your results contact one of our personal trainers.

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