Crossfit vs. Personal Trainer

Crossfit vs. personal trainer. Which is better? - Top personal trainer Korbie Nitiforo explainsCrossfit vs. A Personal Trainer

I recently had one of my personal training clients come back to workout with me again after taking a hiatus to try crossfit.  He told me that he needed a change and crossfit was appealing to him for a couple of reasons.  It was about half the cost of hiring a personal trainer and he could get his cardio and workout done at the same time.  Let us analyze the difference between doing crossfit vs. personal trainer.

What Is Crossfit?

Now, for those of you who don’t know what crossfit is, it is defined as constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.  In laymans terms it means, a circuit training workout which incorporates several different olympic style lifts.  Including pull ups on bands, squat jumps, etc. with very short rest periods in between.  I have personally tried crossfit and didn’t see results from it for a couple of reasons.  

The resistance involved was not nearly enough to maintain my muscle.   And the rest periods were way too short to be able to generate a maximum amount of workout intensity.  The definition of intensity in a workout setting is, the total amount of force, power, or stress that can be placed on a muscle at any given time.  Now, given the definition of intensity and knowing that crossfit does not allow you enough rest between sets to generate maximum intensity, you must know that it would be impossible to build your best physique doing only crossfit.  I compare it to a jack of all trades.  Doing a lot of everything, but not a lot of anything.

Large Group Workouts

Another potential problem with crossfit vs. a personal trainer is that it is done in a huge group setting with only one or two instructors present.  When performing compound olympic style lifts, it is very important for a person to have immaculate form.  Otherwise, it is a disaster just waiting to happen.  When you hire a personal trainer, it is his job to watch you very close to ensure you have good exercise form thus decreasing the potential for injury.  

It would be very difficult for a crossfit coach to watch over 10 clients at the same time. Much less, to make sure each and every one of them is practicing proper exercise form.  In conclusion, I would recommend crossfit to individuals who are already in halfway decent shape and are not looking to maximize their physique, but instead looking to maintain.  If you are out of shape, or looking to maximize your physique, hire a personal trainer.  For more information on crossfit vs, hiring a personal trainer, weight loss, or burning belly fat,  contact us.

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