Can You Be Skinny and Fat at the Same Time?


Can You Be Skinny and Fat at the Same Time?

K32It seems like an oxymoron but being “skinny fat” is an actual medical condition known as metabolically obese normal weight or MONW.   A person who falls into this category looks thin but is in fact under- lean and over- fat which means their body fat percentage is high and their muscle mass is low.

With so much focus on the overweight population in our country, MONW is a condition that often goes unrecognized but poses serious health risks for individuals who fall into this category.  A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association found that one in four people who are metabolically obese have pre-diabetes.   Metabolically obese people with diabetes have twice the risk of death than overweight people diagnosed with diabetes.  The American Journal of Cardiology recently reported that metabolically obese people are also at greater risk for cardiovascular disease than any other reported group.

So what causes people to become “skinny fat”?  With so much focus on a person’s weight on the scale, people tend to focus more on the numbers instead of their body composition and fitness level.  Often, people will drastically cut their calories, increase their cardio and not incorporate strength training into their weight loss goals.  Severely restricting calories over an extended period of time will slow down the metabolism and cause the body to lose muscle.  Too much cardio will also accelerate muscle loss by impairing strength and muscle growth.

To avoid or reverse being “skinny fat” it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle.   Strength training is vital to avoiding the risk of being metabolically obese.  Along with a nutritionally sound diet, increased muscle mass will speed up fat loss and lead to a lean, fit physique.

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