Muscle Soreness

Muscle Soreness

100_1430Strength training can result in muscle soreness.  There are two types of muscle soreness related to working out.  The first is acute muscle soreness which occurs during or right after a workout.  Acute muscle soreness occurs due to strain put on the muscle and dissipates soon after the workout is over.  The second is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which can last 24 to 72 hours after a workout. DOMS occurs from microscopic tears to the muscle and is a normal process of muscular growth called anabolism.

So why does it seem to affect some more than others?  Typically, people who are just starting a weight training program or have not strength trained in a long time will experience muscle soreness due to the fact that their muscles are not accustomed to working out.  Muscle soreness may also occur after increasing the volume or intensity of a workout or introducing a new exercise into the strength training program. Luckily, with consistency, the muscles will adapt and less soreness will occur over time.

Though there are no scientifically proven ways to speed up muscle recovery, to eliminate soreness there are a few things you can try that may alleviate the symptoms.  First, get plenty of rest.  Rest will help the body recuperate.  Second, maintain a healthy diet.  Adequate amounts of protein are necessary for muscle recovery.  Third, stay hydrated.  Drinking water will help flush toxins out the body.  Lastly, stay active and keep moving.  Low intensity activities between workouts will stimulate blood flow and improve circulation aiding in repair of the sore muscles.  For more informative tips on working out, healthy eating, or if you’ve been looking for a good personal trainer, contact us.

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